New ‘Do

Well, everyone told us that when the girls’ hair finally came in they would have tons of it. Oh we of little faith!

DSCN0747 DSCN0752

DSCN0749 DSCN0750


Elsie is in pink, Suzy in white.



I won’t write much since I need to get dinner for the hungry hippos in this house, but I thought I’d share some pictures from our recent adventures!



Having a little party in the sunshing (Suzy, Elsie)


Yup, that is Elsie’s classic face.

DSCN0698 DSCN0704

Can you tell we’re twinsies?? (Suzy, Elsie)


Getting big! (Elsie, Suzy)


Mommy caught Paw Paw Bill “babysitting”….

DSCN0640 DSCN0658


(Elsie, Suzy)


Hope you are all enjoying nice weather like we are! 🙂

Suzy Crawls!

We are mobile in the van de Weghe house!…sort of. What we lack in grace we make up for in creativity and style. And boy can she get from A to B! Who said you can’t use your head to crawl? Suzy has this technique pretty much mastered now, and interestingly Elsie does the same movement but leads with the opposite arm (she has some forward motion but isn’t quite the expert Suzy is). We suspect that our little darlings have opposite dominant hands. Right now is seems like Elsie is a righty and Suzy a lefty, but that could change! 🙂 We are thrilled!

Too Much Cute

It’s official. The van de Weghe ladies are fat! It’s so wonderful having them eating so well and looking so healthy these days. They sure do love their food! While we’ve been holing up during this RSV/flu season, here are some of the pictures we’ve been taking…

Elsje and Suzy 037

Suzy laughing, Elsie looking frightened,  Daddy looking handsome 😉

Elsje and Suzy 002

Someone is sneaking Daddy’s mocha! (Not really…I promise that isn’t part of their “chub up” strategy!)

Elsje and Suzy 005 Elsje and Suzy 004 Elsje and Suzy 003


“Dawwww I was just teasing Dad! I’m not stealing your mochas!…yet! :)” – Elsje


Elsje and Suzy 038  

Suzy, all tuckered out after some very serious eating.


That’s all we have to share for now! I may be getting a video uploaded too, but for some reason it is going to take another 2 1/2 hours…hm…

Have a happy Monday!


Laughter is the Best Medicine

For those of you who haven’t heard, the girls have more than taken to solid foods. It’s actually pretty funny now how excited they get when they see a spoon…and I won’t even tell you how much their eating! It’s insane…and I have no idea how their little tummies hold it all! But, it sure seems to be doing a good job of fattening them up, so no complaints here. On January 1st, the girls went in for their monthly RSV shot and were weighing in at (I think) 10lbs 4oz for Elsje and 10lbs 8oz for Suzy. This was a little concerning as it wasn’t much of an increase from the previous month, and Suzy even seemed to lose an ounce or two. So the doctor asked that we come in yesterday to check their weights and possibly investigate more if they weren’t gaining normally. Well, in between that time we started solids (boosting calories by thinning the purees with even more milk!) and as of yesterday Elsie is 12lbs and Suzy is 12lbs 2oz! This is a crazy jump…Elsie was almost gaining 2oz a day! Anyways, we are very happy about that. So I decided to take the girls for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and good news. Everything was going normally until I bundled up Elsie: I chat a lot to the girls (usually about nothing important) and was explaining to her that “her blanket had duckies on it. What do the ducks say? Quack quack quack!”

Cue hysterical laughter that continued for 10 minutes!!!

I ran to get my camera and ended up taking several videos since the fun just kept rolling! Here is just one taste of what happens when something REALLY tickles Elsie’s funny bone:


Hello 2014!

Hello everyone! I bet you thought I’d completely forgotten that we even HAD a blog, didn’t-cha?? Well, I didn’t…but I have been a bit busy taking care of two handfuls and my wonderful husband, and as we didn’t have too much to report, I took a break. To make up for it, I wanted to share some milestones with you all! The ladies have now started solid foods!! Woohoo! Want to see our first experiences? Here goes my uploading skills! Ready or not….